Elnura Mammadova: The reason of the defeat

27 October 2023 09:55
Elnura Mammadova: The reason of the defeat

"The race went very well. I thank the coaches for supporting me a lot."

Idman.biz reports referring to the interview with Elnura Mammadova (50 kg), who won a bronze medal at the U-23 World Championship in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

In the match for the 3rd place, she defeated Indian Neelam Neelam with a score of 8:5. Mammadova, who won the first medal of the women's team at the World Cup, said that her weight change prevented her from advancing to the finals: "My main goal in the World Championship was to advance to the finals. My semi-final match with my American opponent Audrey Rae Jimenez was difficult. I used to fight at 55 kg. I lost 5 kg. Since it was my first time to wrestle at this weight, I was a little hesitant to fight. In my opinion, this prevented me from reaching the finals. I think I will get better results from now on."

Elnura also announced her goals: "ln order to achieve results, you need to suffer. I will do my best to raise our flag higher. My biggest goal is to win an Olympic medal."

It should be noted that another member of the Azerbaijan women's national team, Jala Aliyeva, reached the finals of the U-23 World Championship in Tirana. Aliyeva will face Sara Natami (Japan) in the decisive match.

Emin Aga