Secretary General of the International Belt Wrestling Federation: "We are very glad to organize the European Championship in Baku"

1 October 2023 20:22
Secretary General of the International Belt Wrestling Federation: "We are very glad to organize the European Championship in Baku"

A press conference was held on the European belt wrestling championship to be held in Baku at the National Gymnastics Arena. website reports that Elnur Mammadov, head of the Sports Department of the Ministry of Youth Sports of Azerbaijan, spoke at the event.

He spoke about the attention and care given to this sport in our country: "At the European Championship, athletes from 20 countries will compete. Holding the tournament at the National Gymnastics Arena indicates the importance of the competition. Our association operates in this regard. We started organizational work a few months ago. I believe that the athletes will be satisfied with the organization here."

General Secretary of the International Belt Wrestling Federation Khabir Habibulin informed about the date of the tournament. He recalled that the last championship was held 16 years ago in Mariupol and said he was glad that the competition was held in our capital: "The competition was also held in Helsinki. At that time, the rules of belt wrestling satisfied everyone. This year's championship will be held according to the same rules. I thank Azerbaijan, Minister of Youth and Sports Farid Gayibov for the organization. I wish you a successful hosting and a high-spirited European Championship. We will witness new champions here."

Habibul stressed the importance of including belt wrestling in the Olympic program: "Our sport is dynamic and fast. Belt wrestling should be in the Olympic program."

Eight-time world champion Gabdijalil Suleymanov, who will compete in the tournament, wished success to all the participants.

Olympic silver medalist Irek Zinurov spoke about belt wrestling. He said that he has always supported this sport: "I was born in Tatarstan and Sabantuy is held regularly in our country. The winner becomes the batır, the hero of the Sabantuy. I have been in Azerbaijan for three years and I have witnessed how the European Games and the Islamic Solidarity Games are held here. Sports are at a high level in the country."

Elnur Mammadov noted that national sports are improving in the regions and the championship to be held in Baku will be a great boost in this direction.

The general secretary of the federation noted that many countries have their own types of wrestling: "Switzerland has a type of schwingen, and the competition held in the mountains gathers a large crowd of fans around it. In addition, kurash in Uzbekistan is quite popular. National wrestling in Azerbaijan, which will host the European Championship, has developed a lot and there have been many champions in this category.

It should be noted that the championship organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan, the International Belt Wrestling Federation, the Azerbaijan National Sports Association and the Baku City Circuit Operating Company will end on October 4.

Zaki Feyzullayev