Azerbaijani Olympian stays out of training due to injury

13 June 2024 16:13
Azerbaijani Olympian stays out of training due to injury

The situation of Aliabbas Rzazade (57 kg), freestyle wrestler of the Azerbaijan national team, has been clarified.

According to the information provided by the licensee of the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games to, he will not be able to participate in the training camp due to an injury to his left shoulder.

The wrestler, who was injured in the ranking tournament held in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, was examined by a doctor in Baku a day ago. He said that he will undergo physiotherapy with the advice of doctors: "Along with this treatment, I will do leg exercises. But nothing serious. After completing my full treatment, I will attend the training camp and take part in the carpet exercises. Due to the injury, I was left out of the training session that has started now."

It should be noted that Rzazade did not participate in the match for the bronze medal because he was injured in Budapest.

Banuchichek Huseynli