European Championship: Kanan Heybatov and Ali Tchokayev in the final – PHOTO

24 May 2024 17:59
European Championship: Kanan Heybatov and Ali Tchokayev in the final – PHOTO

The European U-23 Wrestling Championship in Baku continues.

As per, the fight of freestyle wrestlers has started today.

The wrestlers who will continue the fight for medals in 57 kg, 65 kg, 70 kg, 79 kg and 97 kg weights have been announced. 2 wrestlers of the Azerbaijan national team reached the finals. Kanan Heybatov (70 kg) and Ali Tchokayev (79 kg) will compete for the gold medal tomorrow. Ravan Musayev, who is keeping his bronze chance, will perform in the consolation stage.

57 kg
Elman Aghayev faced Andreas Parotsidis (Greece) in the 1/8 final stage. Aghayev, who won with a full advantage (13:2), advanced to the quarter-finals. In his second match, Aghayev lost to Luka Gvinjilia from Georgia with a score of 2:12.

65 kg
Musa Aghayev went to the carpet in the 1/8 finals. He defeated Yuri Vovka (Ukraine) 11:4 and won the stage. The team member then lost to Abdullah Toprak (Turkiye) - 2:4.

70 kg
Kanan Heybatov wrestled with Seyfulla Itayev (France) for a place in the 1/4 finals and defeated his opponent with a score of 10:5. He was also stronger than Davit Patsinashvili from Georgia - 6:2. Heybatov faced Mikita Demchanka (INA) for the final. Our representative, who defeated his opponent with a complete advantage (11:0), qualified for the final of the European Championship.

79 kg
Ali Tchokayev started the fight from the 1/8 finals. He faced Radomir Stoyanov (Bulgaria) and won with a complete advantage (11:0). He then defeated Vuoti Joona Viljami - 10:0. Tchokayev wrestled with Marius Retko (Romania) in the semi-finals. He left this duel better (10:0).

97 kg
Ravan Musayev lost to Soslan Dzhagaev (INA) in the 1/8 final with a score of 2:11. However, since the opponent advanced to the finals, our wrestler will continue his performance for the bronze medal.

It should be noted that the medal matches in these five weights will take place tomorrow.