Our Olympic athlete: "Everyone considered him to be stronger than me" - VIDEO

14 April 2024 11:09
Our Olympic athlete: "Everyone considered him to be stronger than me" - VIDEO

"I brought luck. After winning the first license, the morale in the team increased even more."

Aliabbas Rzazade (57 kg), a freestyle wrestler of the Azerbaijan national team, who was a guest of the "Idman.biz" program, said this.

The 25-year-old athlete commented on the license that he won at the European Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Baku. He said that he once again proved to everyone that he is strong: "Wrestling between native place is a great feeling. It gives a person different motivation. You are comfortable in your own country. These feelings cannot be expressed in words. Haji Aliyev wrestled after me. I watched his meeting among the fans and saw how they felt."

According to Rzazade, he felt that his meeting would be difficult before the competition, but he got what he wanted: "Everyone considered Suleyman Atlı from Türkiye to be stronger than me. When they reached the finals of the European Championship, they wrote that it was a great success to reach the finals. He will probably lose to Atlı. Even after I defeated him, they said that Aliabbas was lucky, but by winning Suleyman for the second time in Baku, I proved that there is no luck factor, I am stronger than him. As for Vladimir Egorov, I was defeated by him before because of judges. Those judges were removed from wrestling. I achieved my dream and won over him in Baku."

Rzazade also emphasized that he wants to see his strong competitors in Paris-2024: "Whoever worked and suffered a lot, I would like him to win a license at the World Classification Tournament. I think highly of each of my competitors. If they have reached those places, they are not weak. Yegorov is also a European champion, and he has more chances to get a license than others."

It should be noted that Rzazade got the lisence to participate in the Olympic Games by defeating Vladimir Yegorov (North Macedonia) with a score of 4:3 in the semi-finals.

Emin Aga