Rafig Huseynov: "I believe that they will not ignore the suffering of Khetag Gazyumov" - INTERVIEW

7 April 2024 16:33
Rafig Huseynov: "I believe that they will not ignore the suffering of Khetag Gazyumov" - INTERVIEW

Interview with Idman.biz of Rafig Huseynov (82 kg), Greco-Roman wrestler of Azerbaijan national team

- At the European Olympic Qualifying Tournament held in Baku, our Greco-Roman and female wrestlers could not get a license. What is the reason, in your opinion?

- The organization of the competition is at a high level. The teams that came to our country were satisfied with everything. Regarding the participation of national teams, unfortunately, our Greco-Roman team could not get a license. They did not live up to expectations. There were certain problems. I think that this will be discussed by the management of the federation and the coaching staff. As an athlete, I would like our team to perform well. However, this is not a weakness of our squad. We should not forget that our team is the last world champion. Of course, like everyone else, I hope that our women's team will get a license. But unfortunately, it didn't happen as we thought.

- Mariya Stadnik (50 kg) lost in the last seconds in the semi-final stage of the tournament. Do you consider his inability to win as a sensation?

- Like everyone else, I already thought that she would win. But this is a sport. The beauty of this field is that you have to fight until the last second. I think that Mariya is a very strong athlete. He will receive his license at the World Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

- What do you expect from the World Olympic Qualifying Tournament to be held in Istanbul on May 9-12?

- Of course, that race will be very different from here. In Istanbul, not only the athletes who reached the finals, but also between the second and third place, matches for the license will be organized. In total, 3 tickets will be given in each weight. I think that since it is the last tournament, the excitement will make it difficult to get a license. We have a chance. We believe it will be good.

- All our freestyle wrestlers qualified for the semi-finals. Who do you expect a license from?

- ⁠As a teammate and a fan, I believe in all of them. But the semi-final will not be easy. Aliabbas Rzazade (50 kg) will try his hand against Vladimir Yegorov (North Macedonia). Probably, everyone remembers their meeting in the final of the European Championship. So it will be difficult for him. Also, Haji Aliyev (65 kg) will wrestle with the last European champion Islam Dudayev (Albania), and Turan Bayramov will wrestle with Frank Chamizo Marquez. We know how strong these competitors are. So nothing will be easy. If they came here and made a successful performance, I believe that they will not let Khetag Gazyumov suffer.

Banuchichek Huseynli