Azerbaijani pahlevan has set 3 world records - PHOTO - VIDEO

2 April 2024 17:53
Azerbaijani pahlevan has set 3 world records - PHOTO - VIDEO

Azerbaijani pahlevan Vusal Javadov set new records. reports that he broke a number of world records in his speech held in front of the building of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

First, he stood with his bare feet on glass shards, holding weights in both hands tied to a knife with a rope, and holding a knife in his hand, keeping his arms in a horizontal position, keeping the stones in the air.

With the second movement, he lifted the kitchen knife from the floor with a tooth in the mouth while being tied to the weight stone.

In the third movement, he pulled the Jeep while holding a kitchen knife with a tooth in his mouth and being tied to a rope.

World Record Holders and representatives of the Caucasus World Federation of Records, who came to Azerbaijan to record the process, confirmed this.
The wrestler was watched by representatives of the sports community, officials of the ministry and members of the media.

Banuchichek Huseynli