Rafig Huseynov: "Some of them are able to speak without understanding" - INTERVIEW - VIDEO

21 March 2024 13:27
Rafig Huseynov: "Some of them are able to speak without understanding" - INTERVIEW - VIDEO

Interview of Rafig Huseynov (82 kg), Greco-Roman wrestler of Azerbaijan national team, to Idman.biz TV

- You were injured before the European Championship held in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and recently underwent an operation. How are you feeling right now?

- My injury affected my performance 1 year before the European Championship. Nevertheless, I tried my best. After the European Championship, it was suggested that I go to a training camp in Vladikavkaz. Because we have a license tournament ahead of us and this is a tough test. After that, I underwent an operation in one of the clinics in Baku. This is not a major operation, but a micro operation. I think it was successful. It doesn't affect my training at the moment. I feel in optimal shape and well right now.

- After the unsuccessful performance in the European Championship, you even shared about it. What was the point that bothered you the most?

- It is unfortunate that some people can just talk without understanding. They had nonsensical conversations. Of course, the interest of sports is that you don't win every race. This is a normal thing. We get excited so much in the moment of victory because of defeats. I never like to make excuses when I lose. But it is appropriate to talk about real facts. Because I see that such things happen when some people without understanding have unethical and boring conversations. In this regard, I had to report my injury. The injury prevented me from performing in full optimal form. But I was in good shape before the European Championship. I thought that the European Championship would be successful. The injury I got just 1 day before the competition deprived me of the 4th European gold.

- What can you say about the European Olympic Qualification tournament in Baku?

- My expectations from my teammates are high from Nihat Mammadli at 60 kg. He is young, promising and, at the same time, an athlete full of energy. It has high technical qualities. He showed it in the European Championship. I think he should get a license here. At 97 kg, Murad Ahmadiyev is a very dangerous athlete. It uses very nice tricks. Currently, he is one of the young athletes who challenge his peers in international arenas. I think he can get a license too. Beka Kandelaki (130 kg) also showed at the last European championship that she deserves to get a license. I hope that these athletes will get a license, will make our people happy, and we will perform with a full team at the Olympic Games.

- What is the advantage of holding the competition at home?

- Unlike other sports, our arenas are always full in wrestling. I hope it will be the same this time. They also made the tickets as cheap as possible to make them accessible. From here, I want to inform every spectator and every fan that they should not leave our team alone and be with us. Our athletes need this support. It is because of this support that they wrestle well in their home arenas. Let's hope that our viewers and fans will not leave our team alone and together we will win a license for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games.

Emin Aga