Azerbaijani female judge: "When he wrestles, I am not myself, I think the world stops" - INTERVIEW

31 January 2024 15:43
Azerbaijani female judge: "When he wrestles, I am not myself, I think the world stops" - INTERVIEW

Sevinj Yusibova, Azerbaijan's first international wrestling judge, interviewed on website.

- What sparked your interest in this particular profession?

- I started this job as the first secretary. Looking off the mat, I was drawn to the work of the judges. Later, this inspired me to come to refereeing.

- What are the difficulties of being a female judge?

- The main difficulty is that many people say that she is a woman, but what will be the judgement? But sometimes they say that you should manage some meetings.

- Did you say that you will never refer again?

- No, it didn't disappear (laughs). Not at all. On the contrary, I constantly worked on myself. I have watched the decisions I made, thought about them and tried to fix them.

- Probably, such love also resulted in your becoming the first Azerbaijani female judge of the international level...

- Yes.

- How do you remember the moment you received your degree?

- I was happy. I heard about this in the US. I checked the results there and saw that I was an international judge. I was happy to write my name in history. I showed myself well at the veterans' world championship in Loutraki, Greece. Later, I passed the exam on both mat and English.

- Then what can we call wrestling for you?

- Life.

- Your son is also a wrestler. How do you feel about managing his meeting?

- I am a judge, a mother and a coach. It is difficult, very difficult.

- But in those moments, there are no outsiders who say that he won at the expense of his mother or that he led his son forward?

- It happens. But when my son wrestles, I am not myself. I know the world stops. I am excited on the sidelines, watching and knowing that my colleagues will handle the meeting well.

- What is your biggest goal in judging?

- I want to buy "Golden Whistle". This is my goal from day one.

- Don't you want to manage the Summer Olympics?

- Yes, the Olympics is also my dream. I believe they will come true.

- What can you say to women like you who want to be a judge, but are afraid of it?

- I invite them to come and have a heart. There is nothing scary. Here we are a family with the judges. If someone does not know something, he will learn it by experience.

Emin Aga