Famil Agayev: "We have to take lesson from that game" – INTERVIEW

24 April 2024 15:15
Famil Agayev: "We have to take lesson from that game" – INTERVIEW

Idman.biz’s interview with the Absheron (women) head coach Famil Aghayev

- You finished the season in the second place in the Azerbaijan championship. What was the reason of defeat by Azerrail in the final?

- We aimed to be the first. But there was no luck. The opponent was very strong. We fought and did our best. We have faced Azerrail throughout the season. We won and lost those matches. But we have to learn from this game and prepare better for the next season. We must fill the gaps this time and not repeat our mistakes next year. We will do our best to ensure that the gold medal goes to Absheron next season.

- But we did not explain the reason for the 1:3 defeat.

- There was a shortage of volleyball players. All reserve players in our team are very young. In this regard, when a volleyball player made a mistake or was tired, I could not replace him with someone else. However, this was not the case at Azerrail. They have no problem in terms of players. Because the best players from the powerful countries of the world are in this team. It is a pleasure for us to fight with such a strong team in this form. It is proud to meet a team like Azerrail in the final. After that, we will gather a stronger and more dynamic team and continue our struggle.

- You said that you cannot replace someone when they make a mistake or are tired. Who fared worse than you expected?

- They all played well. But they have the ability to play at the maximum level. Sometimes the atmosphere on the field and the presence of many fans can affect the volleyball player. For this reason, those who cheer for the opposing team influence the other team. A similar situation happened in our team. But we were able to overcome it quickly. We faced luckier attacks from the opposing team. Because all the balls we took out of the defense went to the opposing team's field and they appreciated it very well.

- Your contract was until the end of the season. Will you continue your journey in Absheron?

- I haven't talked about it with the management yet. But I have no intention of leaving the club. If I continue with this team, we will perform better.

- The Golden European League is waiting for you as a coach. What will be the target?

- Yes, the games of the national team are coming. We must prepare well for this and perform. We will discuss some issues with the management of Absheron for the next season. We also want to participate in the Challenge Cup. Therefore, we need to form the right team. If we are lucky, we will go and perform.

Banuchichek Huseynli