Grand Slam Qualifying: The winner is Azerbaijan

14 December 2023 18:49
Grand Slam Qualifying: The winner is Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani taekwondo player Gashim Magomedov won the "Grand Slam" qualifying round held in Wuxi, China. reports that the member of the national team fighting in the 58 kg weight category defeated the Korean Yang Huicha in the final with a score of 2:1.

He was the first Azerbaijani taekwondo player to win the "Grand Slam" gold medal.

Magomedov won over Lei Liu, Yunsong Yu (both China) and Abulfez Zandi (Iran) before the decisive fight.

Having finished the qualifying round with a gold medal, Magomedov advanced to the final round of the "Grand Slam" Champions Series. If our taekwondo player wins this competition, he will receive a license for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games.

It should be noted that by winning the gold medal, Kashim added 120 license points to his asset.