International President Cup is planned to be held in Fuzuli

1 May 2024 12:50
International President Cup is planned to be held in Fuzuli

The International President Cup Regatta is also planned to be held in Fuzuli. reports that this was said by the General Secretary of the Azerbaijan Canoe and Rowing Federation, Farhad Aliyev, at the opening ceremony of the International President Cup-2024 Regatta in Sugovushan.

The official of the organization said that they are planning to have the Fuzuli stage in the upcoming competitions: "In this regard, the Fuzuli water basin will be examined together with an expert from abroad. Of course, after finalizing all the processes, we will hold this competition there as well."

According to Aliyev, who gave information about the water basin in Neftchala, certain exercises are also on the agenda there: "There is no problem in the water basin in Neftchala. But there the flow stops in a certain part and does not go continuously. In the Soviet era, it was possible to circle that area. This was also important for us. However, since the distance here is short, it is impossible to hold competitions in Neftchala."

The general secretary said that 5 countries took part in the President Cup the first time, and 17 countries took part in the second time, but this time 21 countries have already joined our competition: "We mainly attract athletes who show results. We believe that the national team will do well in this competition."

Commenting on Azerbaijan's academic rower Diana Dymchenko winning a license for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games, Farhad Aliyev emphasized that every factor in this type of sport has an effect on performance: "For example, water, air, etc. I can show such factors. If you look at the footage on the qualifying day, you will see that the wind was strong and the waves directly affected the participants. Dymchenko also had good results in coastal rowing, so he had an advantage. Passing this distance did not cause a serious problem."

He said that in the Hekari and Sarsang water basins, mainly high-level sports are organized: "We still organize competitions in canoeing and rowing. Last year, in the summer of Gabala, we went through certain trainings, we took specialists. But the water basin in question is used in summer."

It should be noted that the President Cup-2024 will end on May 3.

Banuchichek Huseynli