Diana Dymchenko: "It was my dream to become a member of the Azerbaijan national team and it came true" - INTERVIEW

6 December 2023 18:06
Diana Dymchenko: "It was my dream to become a member of the Azerbaijan national team and it came true" - INTERVIEW

The interview of Diana Dymchenko, rower of Azerbaijan's national team, to Idman.biz

- You have been part of the Azerbaijan national team for some time now. How would you rate the remaining time?

- I have been engaged in academic rowing for 17 years. Before I came to Azerbaijan, I was well aware of the support for sports here and the love and respect of the fans for the athletes. Of course, it was my dream to be part of this team and it came true. My arrival was difficult because I was leaving my country. Since it was impossible to find a common language with the head coach of the Ukrainian national team, I decided to take such a responsible step. I do not regret choosing Azerbaijan.

- You are the leader of the national team. All recent success is connected to your name. So what is your main goal?

- Yes, I am the leader of the team. I even consider a defeat as a success. Because it inspires us, forces us to go further and look for mistakes. But, of course, success, medals and the titles we won this year are also very important. My coach and I think that our success in coastal rowing at the Henley Royal Regatta in England this year is the most important. In addition, I won a medal in coastal rowing at the World and European Championships. I was 2nd in the World Cup and 1st in the Continental Championship. It was a very difficult fight in the World Championship. I was even in 8th place during the race. But I fought well and won the silver medal.

- How do you evaluate the chances of winning a license for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games?

- I think we deserve to qualify for the Paris Olympics. This is the dream of my life. I really hope I get it. We are currently training hard. These are not to get a license, but to get a good result in the Olympic Games.

- If you go to the Olympics, can you improve the performance of your compatriot Inna Osypenko-Radomska, who won a bronze medal for Azerbaijan in Rio-2016?

- I know Inna personally. He is a great athlete. He is a good athlete. Osypenko-Radomska has excellent results. The Olympic Games medal is a very good indicator. Of course, we want better than that result. No one knows what will happen next. Like every athlete, I want to win a gold medal.

- How do you evaluate the current level of rowing in Azerbaijan and do you share your experience with teenagers and young people?

- The level is a little low. We came here with our coach to share our experience. In general, first of all, it is necessary to explain to young people what this sport is. Professional sports are another matter. I've been rowing half my life now. It is interesting for children and young people. It's just that the mentality may be a little different here, but steps are being taken anyway. We also try to support it with our advice.

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