Paris-2024: Anti-drone system confuses drones with air conditioners – WARNING

8 May 2024 09:21
Paris-2024: Anti-drone system confuses drones with air conditioners – WARNING

A 350-million-euro automated system intended to provide security for outdoor events planned to be used at the opening of the Summer Olympics in Paris has been ineffective. reports that The Times published information about this.

In a dense urban environment, the system recognizes only a third of the drones within 800 meters, according to a newspaper source familiar with the test. It is also noted that he mistook air conditioner feathers for drones.

The newspaper's interlocutor in the British Ministry of Defense stated that the department would offer Paris defense against drones, and noted that specialized units with search dogs would help ensure security at the facilities. The French Ministry of Defense said that, based on the results of tests of the anti-drone system, no requests were received from Great Britain.

At the same time, the website of the French aerospace industry group said that Paris will deploy 13 anti-drone systems on the ground, one of which will be provided by the British Army.

The report also notes that the French government is concerned about the threat of drone attacks during outdoor events, including the opening ceremony. Security experts also stressed that terrorists may be interested in equipping drones with explosive devices.

It should be noted that Paris-2024 will start on June 26 and end on August 11.