Gianni De Biasi: "We will try to get the better"

15 October 2023 20:12
Gianni De Biasi: "We will try to get the better"

"Austria's result in the Belgium match can be deceiving. They played better than Belgium."

İ reports that Gianni De Biasi, head coach of the Azerbaijan national team, said this at the press conference held before the match against Austria.

The Italian specialist noted that the opponent they will face in the qualifying round of EURO-2024 plays modern football. De Biasi said that the Azerbaijan national team is developing: "We came from a hard game and a long trip. Today we will do our first training. Yesterday we only did a recovery exercise. Tomorrow's game will be very difficult. Austria is a very good team. Compared to the first game they played with us, they have improved a lot, they play modern football, Ralf Rangnick plays good football. In the first match, I thought that the result would be different. But we lost 1:4. After 0:2, we made unnecessary mistakes, the opponent's job became easier. We are developing as a team, we have won 7 out of 14 matches. We will try to get a good result tomorrow. "Austria does not have 5 players in the team, but they have important players."

The experienced coach spoke about the importance of the fans' support: If the fans come and help us tomorrow, we will play with 12 people. If they don't come, we will be 11 people. It's nice when there are a lot of fans in the stadium, when there is support. We will try to get the better."