Two-time African champion: "Training in Azerbaijan is a great experience" - INTERVIEW

11 January 2024 18:20
Two-time African champion: "Training in Azerbaijan is a great experience" - INTERVIEW

Angolan rhythmic gymnast Luana Gomes gave an interview to the press service of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation. reports that the 20-year-old two-time African Champion announced the reasons for his visit to Azerbaijan.

- Welcome to our country. How would you introduce yourself?
- I represent the Angolan Gymnastics Federation. In order to get stronger in sports, I have been participating in training camps in Europe for the last few years. My coach is Katerina Ivanova from Bulgaria.

- How are your training sessions at the National Gymnastics Arena?
- I am very happy to be in Baku again to prepare for the new season. My main goal is to participate in the African Championship at a high level, and my dream is to qualify for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games.

- What can you say about the development of gymnastics in Angola?
- Our federation is currently in the process of development. A few years ago, Angolan gymnasts performed on behalf of other countries. However, this has changed in recent years. More and more gymnasts are starting to practice gymnastics in Angola. At the last African Championship, we participated with the full team and won the bronze medal in the team score. The main problem is that we have infrastructural difficulties. We don't have a carpet to practice gymnastics, our athletes have to practice on a wooden surface. Our coaches need to learn more, but we are struggling to do so. Currently, we do not have any rhythmic gymnastics judges in our country. After finishing my career as an athlete, I will work to become an international coach and referee. In Angola, we have many young girls who dream of becoming high-level gymnasts.

- We would like to know your impressions about Azerbaijan.
- Training here is a great experience for me. I am grateful to Mariana Vasileva, a member of the Executive Committee of AGF, for her support and for giving us the opportunity to train together with the best coaches and gymnasts in the world. Here, high-level conditions have been created for athletes. I thank the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation for the warm reception in Baku and all the knowledge you shared with me.