Anna Basta: "Making mistakes was out of the question"

3 October 2023 20:01
Anna Basta: "Making mistakes was out of the question"

"It was very difficult. I didn't participate in the group stages because I was in the first 16 for several years. But this is a sport where you have to be ready for anything."

Anna Basta, fencer of the Azerbaijan national team, told

The leader of the national team in fencing evaluated her performance at the "Flemish Open Championships" held in Ghent, Belgium. She said that it was not easy to win the gold medal at the 25th International Tournament: "When you have 15 shot chances, you have a lot of opportunity to watch your opponent, learn and change something. But there were only 5 shot opportunities in this race. I had no right to make a mistake. For me, these competitions are important for my future preparation. Because thanks to them, I analyze my mistakes and eliminate them together with the coach."

It should be noted that Polina Kaspiarovich and Zarifa Huseynova, one of our other athletes, made it to the top 10 in the tournament. Sabina Karimova was 11th, Valeriya Bolshakova was 22nd, and Sevil Bunyatova was 25th.

Shabnam Rahimova