Ali Ismayilov: "Like Holyfield, I will definitely achieve it"

12 June 2024 14:01
Ali Ismayilov: "Like Holyfield, I will definitely achieve it"

"This is a great victory. Because behind it is great work and effort."

As per, this was said by Azerbaijani boxer Ali Ismayilov.

The 50-year-old veteran, who returned to the professional ring, commented on winning the title of champion of the CIS countries: "We have been working for months after returning. We come here for the third time. This time we got what we wanted. Thank you for the invitation. Thanks to the organizers for creating such conditions to perform, win, and please our fans. I'm so happy, thank you for your support, I love you all. First of all, I dedicate this victory to my family, wife, son and daughter, who watched the fight on TV in my native Azerbaijan, in big and sunny Baku. They were sitting, watching, and cheering. I thank all Muscovites, including all Azerbaijanis living here, for their support. I am glad that I was able to make them happy with my beautiful and beautiful victory."

Ismayilov also announced his goal: "Like George Foreman, Roy Jones, Evander Holyfield, I want to become a world champion in one of the versions. I will definitely achieve this."

It should be noted that Ali Rasul Magomedov won the title of champion.