Qarabag is one step away from the record - ANALYSIS

15 February 2024 16:52
Qarabag is one step away from the record - ANALYSIS

Today, Qarabag, which will play the first game of the Europa League playoffs, went to Portugal with a successful series. reports that Gurban Gurbanov's team scored goals in all away matches of the season.

We are talking about European Cup matches. The representative of Aghdam will continue the series by finding a way to the door of Braga.

Goalless return from Belgium
The last away match in which Qarabag did not score happened last season. Gurbanov's team was playing in the Conference League at that time.
In the playoff stage, our champion could not cross the Gent barrier. Qarabag lost 0:1 on the trip and returned from Belgium without scoring a goal.

Irresistible Qarabag
Aghdam club played 7 away matches of European Cups this season. The team, which started its journey in the Champions League, scored 2 goals against Linfield and Rakow in the first two qualifying rounds of this tournament.
Qarabag, which met HIK and Olympia in the Europa League group stage, scored twice in each of the away matches with these opponents. In the group stage, it was possible to score the same number of goals only in the match in Norway. Until then, Qarabag, which disappointed Hacken and Bayer once, found its way to the opponent's goal 12 times in 7 away tests of the season.

From playoff to playoff
Qarabag, which did not score away in the playoffs of the Conference League, returned with a goal from all matches until the playoffs of the Europa League. The 7-game streak should continue in Braga.

23.02.2023. Gent (Belgium) - 0:1
11.07.2023. Lincoln" (Gibraltar) - 2:1
26.07.2023. Rakow (Poland) - 2:3
17.08.2023. HIK (Finland) - 2:1
24.08.2023. Olimpia (Slovenia) - 2:0
05.10.2023. Hacken (Sweden) - 1:0
26.10.2023. Bayer (Germany) - 1:5
30.11.2023. Molde (Norway) - 2:2

Second in history
Qarabag's 7-game away goal streak is the second indicator in history. So far, the Azerbaijani club has achieved a more successful series only once.
That record also belongs to Qarabag. Gurbanov's record series consists of 8 trips. In order to repeat that result, the Aghdam players must stand out at least once in Portugal.

Qarabag’s record
Azerbaijan's record covered 4 seasons. In 2010, Qarabag lost to Borussia in Dortmund by a clean score, and until 2014, they experienced goals in all their trips. The series of Aghdam players, who scored 13 times in 8 matches, was broken when they did not score against Salzburg in Austria.

Four years, three seasons
The record series covered the 2011/12 and 2013/14 seasons. The first match of the 2014/15 season was also a goal for our representative.

19.08.2010. Borussia (D, Germany) - 0:4
30.06.2011. Banga (Lithuania) - 4:0
14.07.2011. Streymur (Faroe Islands) - 1:1
28.07.2011. Bruges (Belgium) - 1:4
02.07.2013. Metallurg (North Macedonia) - 1:0
25.07.2013. Piast (Poland) - 2:2
08.08.2013. Gefle (Sweden) - 2:0
29.08.2013. Eintracht (F, Germany) - 1:2
15.07.2014. Valletta (Malta) - 1:0
06.08.2014. Salzburg (Austria) - 0:2

Vugar Kheyrullayev