Gurban Gurbanov "made insinuation" to AFFA: "They cannot take away my love for my country"

29 January 2024 13:00
Gurban Gurbanov "made insinuation" to AFFA: "They cannot take away my love for my country"

"I don't want to talk so much about where I went and why I left the national team. There were six years of talks, then a three-year contract was signed." reports that these words were said by the Qarabag head coach of Gurban Gurbanov.

In an interview with ITV, the 52-year-old specialist recalled his departure from the Azerbaijan national team: "I have been asked this question a lot. I want it to be known once and for all. I did not leave the national team. This issue was discussed in the Executive Committee at the end of the year. I was left out of the meeting, just like when I came to the national team. As a rule, it was discussed without me. My case was discussed and then it was announced that we are parting ways with you. I don't want to go to depth and I said "it's done". This is how I left the national team."
Gurbanov expressed his reaction to the press reports regarding his invitation to the position of head coach of the national team. No, no one has contacted me, I have not been offered anything. I don't know where these posts came from. Maybe it is a political move, a political step. I haven't talked or met anyone. In general, we have not discussed the national team. According to what I heard, the national team should not have a local head coach, as if a legionnaire will be appointed. That's why the Working Group was created."

The specialist noted that he gained a lot of experience during his time working in the national team: "I have a lot of football experience. I have experience as both a football player and a coach. My greatest experience was during a year when I worked as the head coach of the national team. How should I approach football more and what should I be prepared for? This period gave me more experience than all the years I spent in football. I saw a lot, we worked hard. Both people, business principles and requirements are different. For success, people's ideas need to coincide. Everyone's mind should be on that goal. Without it, success cannot be achieved. Today's success of Qarabag is in this. Management, coaches, players and our employees have the same goal. But I could not do it in AFFA. Opinions may differ. It cannot be said that we did not succeed. We had one defeat. Our good system was forming. Sometimes it doesn't work. Me and them failed. I don't blame anyone."

Gurbanov admitted that he is not against returning to the national team again: "I have not set a goal that I must go to the national team. I have no such goal. We are talking about Azerbaijani football. Everything should be discussed, who and what can be useful for Azerbaijani football. There is no such thing in my work principle that they treated me badly there or something happened, I will not go there. This would be disrespectful to those in front of me. If some fan used an inappropriate expression or if the manager was dissatisfied with me, I cannot take away my love for my country and my work."
It should be noted that Gurbanov was the head coach of the Azerbaijan national team in 2018.