Alexey Isayev: "My goals are the same as Qarabag" - INTERVIEW

6 January 2024 09:00
Alexey Isayev: "My goals are the same as Qarabag" - INTERVIEW

The new transfer of Qarabag Aleksey Isayev gave an interview to the club's official website. reports that the 28-year-old midfielder revealed his thoughts on the transfer, goals and team.

- New - the first days of 2024 were marked by your transfer. How do you evaluate the transition from Sabah to Qarabag?

- Transfer to Qarabag is a step forward for me. I am happy about that. I think that every player who joins Qarabag takes a step forward.

- What are your thoughts about your new team, which you were a rival before, and now you are part of?

- Qarabag is the best team of Azerbaijan and always shows their style of play. The team presents good game and attacking football.

- We moved to a team that is a 10-time national champion and played in the group of European Cups for 10 years in a row. How does it feel to be a player of the leader of Azerbaijani football?

- I feel happiness. I may not be able to express my feelings in words, but inside I am really happy. I will do everything on the field for our team to show maximum results.

- You have already started training in Qarabag. You are in a new team, a new collective. What are your impressions?

- Before the training, our head coach Gurban Gurbanov wished me good luck in front of the team. I am grateful to him for such a warm welcome. Only the best words can be said about the specialist who takes Azerbaijani football one step further every time. I have only positive impressions about the training. All football players are great professionals with high human qualities. I know most of them personally. They welcomed me very well, it was very pleasant. We will have time for a closer acquaintance with others.

- Qarabag always strives for the highest goals. So, what are your goals in our team?

- My goals are the same as our club's. I want to fight for the highest goals. I have to develop step by step my potential that is in me, but not visible. I will definitely achieve it.