Azerbaijani football is on the verge of a historical event - VIDEO

20 December 2023 11:07
Azerbaijani football is on the verge of a historical event - VIDEO

Azerbaijani Victorious Army’s team made history in Europe. has reported that the national cup's 1/8 final stage, scheduled for December 21, will mark a significant milestone in the 32-year history of independence. Khankendi City Stadium will host the game of the teams of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the first time in history.

Great decision from PFL

The Professional Football League has decided to hold one of the cup games in Khankendi. "Qarabag", the leader of Azerbaijani football, representing Qarabag liberated from occupation, will play the home match in the 1/8 finals here. Although the opponent of the Aghdam club is from the I division, they have proven themselves not only in Azerbaijan but also in Europe. They are a team that deserves to play in the Khankendi Stadium, just like "Qarabag". Representing the victorious Azerbaijan Army, MOIK (Central Military Sports Committee) glorifies the victorious Armed Forces of the plodder country. As the victorious Supreme Commander Mr. President Ilham Aliyev said, Azerbaijani soldiers chased the enemy from our territories like a dog. They made history in Qarabag and will meet with the Qarabag football club which made history in Europe at the Khankendi stadium. Ticket sales for this match have also been organized. This will allow fans to witness the celebration live.

Our ancient field

For the first time since gaining independence, the Azerbaijani team will play at the Khankendi Stadium. However, this arena served Azerbaijani football for many years. The stadium’s construction was started in 1955 and opened a year later. Until 1988, when Armenian provocateurs started conflicts on the national level, representatives of the nationalities living in Azerbaijan performed shoulder-to-shoulder at the Khankendi stadium. Along with Azerbaijanis, players representing Armenians, Russians, and others kicked the ball on this field. The stadium was indeed named after representatives of other nations - Joseph Stalin and later Stepan Shaumian. However, Azerbaijanis also played football here successfully and peacefully. Since the separatists took action, this arena was also occupied. In 2020, the glorious victory of the Victorious Azerbaijan Army in the Patriotic War brought us one step closer to the stadium. As a result of the local anti-terrorist operation of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in 2023, control of Khankendi was transferred to Azerbaijan on September 29. The so-called separatist regime fell and on October 15, the tricolor flag of Azerbaijan was raised in Khankendi. For the first time in the years of independence, our 67-year-old ancient stadium was also freed from occupation, with our territorial integrity fully ensured.

The occupied club

had the biggest football club in the Khankendi region, which was the capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Province during the USSR. The Qarabag club, founded in 1927, competed in the Republican and All-Union competitions. The international spirit lived in the team, which played in the lower leagues of the USSR championship, in the zone of the 2nd league, which included the Transcaucasian teams, known as the "9th zone". As we mentioned, ethnic reforms in the team, where representatives of different nationalities wore uniforms, began in the late 80s of the last century. In the last championships of the USSR, the Armenian team began to play in the so-called championship of the so-called republic itself, and then in Armenian-level competitions. After numerous appeals by AFFA and Azerbaijan to FIFA and UEFA, the team representing our territory was banned from playing in another country's championship. Our club was transferred from Khankendi, which was occupied at that time, to Yerevan, another city that was historically ours. The club, which ceased its activity in 2007, went down in history.

Running the show in Khankendi

Qarabag occupied and destroyed by Armenians, which they claimed as their own, had Azerbaijan's signature throughout history. Ali Abilzade, who worked his way up in our football, worked as the head coach of the Khankendi team. Azerbaijani football players have always been at the core of the team. In the 1980s, our footballers such as Arif Zarbayilov, Javanshir Novruzov, Asgaraga Askerov, Samir Alekbarov, and Munis Abdullayev have showed themselves in Qarabag. Alakbarov, who works as an assistant coach in "Iravan" today, was one of the team's best scorers with 13 goals in 1986 when he was 18 years old.

The winner of the 1/8 finals is obvious

Although the owner of the ticket to the 1/4 finals in the duel between the Premier League and I division teams does not cause any doubt, they will not be defeated in this match. There is only one winner here - Azerbaijan.

Both teams that appear in front of the fans sitting in the stands in our lands that have been cleared of separatists, every Azerbaijani who watched the match from the arena and on television and not will be the winner of this match. Because we are people of a victorious country, a victorious people, with a spirit of victory.

Probably, not the sounds of Qarabag or MOIK, but the slogans of "Qarabag is Azerbaijan, Long live Azerbaijan" will be heard in Khankendi, and the roar of the challenger people will be raised.

Yes, the return to Qarabag and Khankendi is accompanied by the return to Khankendi City Stadium. It is expected that "Qarabag" will play their home games in Khankendi, not Baku until they move to Aghdam City Stadium, known as "Imarat". " Qarabag " in Khankendi will be restored until the Aghdam club returns to its home city and home stadium. One day we will witness the derby of two " Qarabag " teams representing Khankendi and Aghdam. That day is not so far away...

Hussein Vagif