Nazim Babayev: "It was really difficult to make decision"

14 February 2024 16:00
Nazim Babayev: "It was really difficult to make decision"

"We started training in Belgrade one day before the tournament."

This was told to by Nazim Babayev, the athlete of the Azerbaijan national team.

He announced the reason why he did not stop fighting in the Belgrade winter tournament. According to the European champion, everything was fine on the day of the competition: "I was already invited to the long jump. I did the first test attempt to warm up and there were no problems. After that, I didn't face any difficulties even in short distances. The second time, I felt a sudden pain in the back of my thigh. After a few minutes of rest, the pain increased and started bothering me. After that, we consulted with my coach and decided to stop my fight. This decision was very difficult for me. Because I was in good shape. Also, I had great expectations from this competition."

Babayev, who wishes to win a license for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games, said that he said goodbye to the competition early so that these pains would not turn into bigger injuries in the future. He also said that he has already returned to Baku: "As soon as I arrive in the city, I will immediately undergo a medical examination and then I will know the final decision."

It should be noted that the competition in Serbia was a license for Paris-2024.

Banuchichek Huseynli