Togrul Askerov: "I expect a high-quality medal from her at the World Championship" - INTERVIEW

7 October 2023 20:09
Togrul Askerov: "I expect a high-quality medal from her at the World Championship" - INTERVIEW

The interview of Togrul Askerov, the head coach of the Azerbaijan national team of female wrestlers, to

- You have completed the Goygol stage of preparation for the U-23 World Championship. How was the training gathering, how is the team's preparation going?

- Our training gathering consisted only of physical preparation. We tried to improve the girls' physical performance during 14 days. The level of readiness is in the desired state.

- You could not show the necessary result in the competition. How is the atmosphere in the team now?

- Despite the failure in the last World Championship, the girls are preparing for the U-23 world championship with high spirit and confidence. I believe that they will be able to show themselves well in this competition.

- Have you ever decided with whom you will take part in the World Championship in which weights?

- In this competition, we will perform in 6 weight classes. The team will be announced soon.

- What will be the main goal?

- Certainly, we will try to win a lot of medals in this World Championship, as in every competition. One of our main goals is to won a gold medal.

- Who do you believe will win the most medals?

- I expect more high-quality medals from Jala Aliyeva, who is the silver medalist of the last European Championship among adults.

- Who do you think are the main opponents of our team in the championship?

- The most developed and widespread sport of recent times is women's wrestling. In every competition, surprise athletes come out of unexpected countries. Based on this situation, l can not said specifically who could be a more difficult opponent.

- How do you assess the current situation in women's wrestling?

- If we look at the current team and take into account that young athletes are the majority, we have high hopes for the future. We have World and European champions and prize winners in every age category. Based on this, I can safely say that women's wrestling is in good hands.

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