The player who scored a double against "Qarabag": the main secret of "Bayer's" success..."

6 November 2023 11:59
The player who scored a double against "Qarabag": the main secret of "Bayer's" success..."

"I decided to change my club and leave Benfica. It was not easy to make a decision because there were many options."

This was said by Alejandro Grimaldo, the Spanish football player of "Bayer", the opponent of "Qarabag" in the European League, reports.

The winger talked about his transfer to the German club. He said that the role of the head coach of the team, Xabi Alonso, was great in his transfer:

"When changing the club, the confidence of the coach and the offer to you is important. The main reason I chose the Leverkusen representative was the trust to the club and the project. Because they told me they would bring important players and they did. Another argument is Xabi. I have watched his performance. Working with Xabi was an opportunity to sign. That's why I decided."

Alejandro said that the main secret of Bayer's success is Xabi Alonso: "He has the ability to convey all his ideas and that is the most difficult thing. He knows how to read the opponent, how to explain the game. Not only because of the results, but also because of the understanding of the game and the way it is delivered."

It should be noted that Grimaldo, who started the season well, scored 5 goals and 3 assists in 10 games in the Bundesliga.
He scored a double in the match "Bayer" - "Qarabag" (5:1). The match with Leverkusen's representative in Baku will start on November 9 at 21:45.