"Scorer" of Azerbaijan is the second in Europe

8 April 2024 14:07
"Scorer" of Azerbaijan is the second in Europe

The top scorers of the EURO-2024 qualifying round among women's handball players have been announced.

Idman.biz informs that Kamila Bayramova, the left winger of the Azerbaijan, is second in Europe.

The 21-year-old scorer scored 43 goals in 6 games. She scored 4 goals against North Macedonia (17:40), 5 against Spain (18:38), and 13 against Lithuania (35:33) in the first round. In the last three matches, Kamila disappointed Lithuania (26:41) 6 times, North Macedonia (22:37) 7 times, and Spain (16:42) 8 times.

Azebaijan, which finished the competition in the last place in the 5th group, got a total of 134 goals. Kamila, who is the author of about 1/3 of this, is only one of the handball players of 31 teams. Valentini Chloe from France has 46 goals.

It should be noted that the national team was 22nd in the number of goals scored in the qualifying round. The hosts of the final round, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and the last champion, Norway, did not participate in the selection.