Paris-2024: our gymnast won 5th license to Azerbaijan

24 August 2023 23:27
Paris-2024: our gymnast won 5th license to Azerbaijan

İ informs that Zohra Agamirova achieved this success at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship held in Valencia, Spain.

Zohra Agamirova, the third runner-up of the European Championship, four-time silver and bronze medalist of the Summer Universiade, who represented our country in the World Cup, ranked 12th in the multi-sport competition. This result was enough for her to win a license for the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games.

She also qualified for the final stage of the World Championship in the all-around program of individual competitions. This is the first license awarded to Paris 2024 for the sport of gymnastics.

Before Agamirova, shot putter Ruslan Lunyov, boxers Murad Allahverdiyev (80 kg), Mahammad Abdullayev (+91 kg) and hammer thrower Anna Skidan won the right to participate in the Olympics.

It should be noted that the Paris Summer Olympic Games will be held from July 26 to August 11 next year.