Zohra Aghamirova in the World Cup finals

19 April 2024 22:09
Zohra Aghamirova in the World Cup finals

Azerbaijani gymnast Zohra Aghamirova reached the finals of the World Cup held in Baku.

Idman.biz reports that she scored 33,650 points in the hoop performance and qualified for the decisive stage.

Zohra finished the qualification stage at the 4th place and was among the 8 strongest gymnasts. Aghamirova, who scored 64,200 points in all-around, ranked 12th.

World champion Darja Varfolomeev takes the leading position in hoop and ball. The German gymnast scored 71,200 points. Bulgarian Elvira Krasnobayeva (69,750) and Italian Sofia Raffaeli (67,400) took the next places.

It should be noted that the first winners of the World Cup will be announced tomorrow.