LaLiga goal stats - RESEARCH

29 May 2024 09:29
LaLiga goal stats - RESEARCH

In the recently concluded next season of the Spanish LaLiga, teams scored 1005 goals in 380 games (an average of 2.64 goals per game). This is 50 goals more than last year and is the highest in the last 6 seasons. has reviewed the goal statistics of LaLiga in the current season.

In the current season, 56.2 percent (564) of the goals were scored by the hosts and 43.8 percent (441) by the guests. The home team scored an average of 1.48 goals per game, while the visitors scored 1.16 goals per game. Compared to last year, the home team scored 11 more goals and the visitors scored 39 more goals. According to the ratio of goals, the home team's goals decreased, while the guests' goals increased. Last season, this percentage was 57.9 to 42.1.

In 38 rounds, an average of 26.45 goals were scored per round.

The most goals were scored in the 3rd, 6th and 13th rounds (35 goals), and the least was scored in the 30th round (17). Most goals Villarreal - Real (4:4), Barcelona - Villarreal (3:5), Girona - Mallorca (5:3) and Real Sociedad - Granada (5:3) was scored in the matches. The biggest home and away wins came with 7 unanswered goals. Girona beat Granada at home with a score of 7:0, while Atletico Madrid beat Rayo Vallecano on the road.

The most productive team of the championship is Madrid Real - 87 goals (average - 2.29 per game). This is 34 goals less than the Royals' own record 12 years ago, but 12 goals more than the highest mark of the season held by the same club a year ago.

In the current season, Girona scored 85 goals, Barcelona scored 79 goals.

Girona has the most goals at home - 53 (average - 2.79 per game). Real scored 48 goals, Barcelona scored 43 goals.
Real scored the most on the trip - 39 (average - 2.05). Barcelona scored 36 goals, Girona scored 32 goals.
Cadiz scored the least goals this season - 26 goals (0.68). The least number of goals at home and away belongs to this club - 16 (0.84) and 10 (0.53), respectively.

This season, Real has conceded 26 goals (0.68). Athletic was disappointed by their opponents 37 times, Real Sociedad 39 times.
At home, Real conceded only 9 goals (0.47). Valencia was disappointed 14 times, Mallorca 16 times.
On the trip, he saw 17 balls (0.89) in the goal of Real. This figure is 19 in Real Sociedad and Atletik.

The weakest defense is Granada. The owner of the last place scored 79 (2.08) goals in total, 47 (2.47) away goals. Almeria has scored the most goals at home - 36 (1.89).

The best goal difference is in Real - total +61, +39 at home, +22 away. A total of 7 teams have a positive balance.

The worst goal difference overall (-41) and away (-33) is Granada. The weakest indicator at home belongs to Almeria (-14).

Vugar Mammadov