The strongest boxers of Azerbaijan have been determined - PHOTO

8 December 2023 21:42
The strongest boxers of Azerbaijan have been determined - PHOTO

The Azerbaijan Championship among male boxers has been concluded. reports that 167 boxers from 41 teams tried their strength in the competition representing clubs from different cities and regions of the country, as well as sports societies. Winners of 13 weight classes were determined in the 6-day tournament.

Minister of Youth and Sports Farid Gayibov, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Population, President of the Boxing Federation Sahil Babayev, Chairman of "Azerishiq" Open Joint Stock Company, President of the Canoe and Rowing Federation Vugar Ahmadov, Chairman of the State Customs Committee, President of Volleyball Federation Shahin Baghirov watched the final fights organized in the Boxing Center.

An artistic and official part was held before the meetings. After the National Anthem, there was a parade of finalists.

After all of that, Sahil Babayev said that today is a significant day for Azerbaijani boxers. He said that the regions participated very actively in the National Championship, 14 of the 41 teams represented the regions.

The president of the federation valued the spread of boxing in every part of the country, especially in the regions, as the main goal: "This year was memorable for our boxers. Our under-22 boxers and school children set a record number of medals in European Championships. Aynur Rzayeva went down in history as the first female boxer to win a medal at the World Championship. In total, more than 150 medals were won from international competitions. 14 of them were achieved in the World and European Championships.

Saying that the material and technical base has also been strengthened, Sahil Babayev reminded that the Boxing Center was commissioned in Sumgait and also said that the repair works of the Regional Boxing Center in Lankaran will be completed soon. He said that during the year, seminars are organized for coaches. Babayev emphasized that the main goal is the Paris-2024 Summer Olympic Games: "We obtained 2 licenses in the first competition. We believe that the number of licenses will increase in 2 more qualifying tournaments."

Farid Gayibov said that there are enough successes in boxing. He called the record in the number of participants in the Azerbaijan Championship an achievement: "Our biggest success is the licenses we won for the Olympic Games. I believe that this number will increase and we will follow the success of our boxers in the next year. The state, President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev has the special support for this.

Later, the strongest boxers of Azerbaijan have been determined. The official guests have awarded the winners of the first 3 places in the weight category of 63.5 kg and 67 kg.

Hasan Malikov, Masud Yusifzada, Amin Mammadzada, Shamil Askerov, Magsud Khasmetov, Tayfur Aliyev, Nabi Iskenderov, Sarkhan Aliyev, Kamran Shahsuvarli, Fagan Mammadov, Seyid Seyidov, Rauf Rahimov and Johanes Nuriyev won the champion title.

"Neftchi" Sports Club won the first place with 55 points in the team score of the tournament. CSC (36) took the second place, while "Gizil elcek" (31) closed the top three.

Seyid Seyidov has been awarded the title of the best boxer in the championship. Elkhan Guliyev has been awarded the title of the best referee, and Rahim Allahverdiyev has been awarded the title of the best coach.

It should be noted that the prize winners will be included in the national team and will represent our country in international competitions.

Azerbaijan Championship

48 kg
Tural Sariyev ("Neftchi" SC) - Hasan Malikov ("Neftchi" SC) - 2:3

51 kg
Agaselim Mustafazada (Gizil elcek SC) - Masud Yusifzada (BFL) - did not come to the first fight

54 kg
Ruslan Gadirov (CSC) - Amin Mammadzada ("Gizil elcek" SC) - 0:5

57 kg
Shamil Askerov ("Neftchi" SC) - Umid Rustamov (MİA SC) - 3:2

60 kg
Magsud Khasmetov ("Neftchi" SC) - Elbrus Adigozalov ("Gabala" SC) - 5:0

63.5 kg
Malik Hasanov (Neftchi) - Tayfur Aliyev (CSC) - 0:5

67 kg
Nabi Iskandarov (Neftchi SC) - Javid Chalabiyev (Gizil elcek SC) - 3:2

71 kg
Mirsharif Kazimzada (Neftchi SC) - Sarkhan Aliyev (CSC) - 0:5

75 kg
Rasim Chobanli (CSC) - Kamran Shahsuvarli (Gabala SC) - 0:5

80 kg
Fagan Mammadov (AzTU) - Sarkhan Budagov ("Gizil elcek" SC) - 5:0

86 kg
Seyid Seyidov ("Gizil elcek" SC) - Eldar Guliyev ("Neftchi" FSC) - the first one won with full advantage

92 kg
Rauf Rahimov ("Neftchi" SC) - Tural Hasanov ("Gizil elcek" SC) - 4:1

+92 kg
Parviz Rasulov ("Zerbe" BC) - Johanes Nuriyev (CSC) - won with the second full advantage

All award winners

48 kg
1. Hasan Malikov ("Neftchi" SC)
2. Tural Sariyev ("Neftchi" SC)
3. Yusif Soltanov ("Gara papag" IC)
3. Kardashkhan Hasanov (Aghjabedi)

51 kg
1. Masood Yusifzadeh (BFL)
2. Agaselim Mustafazade ("Gizil elcek" SC)
3. Yadigar Aliyev ("Sabail" SC)
3. Ali Fatullayev (Shamakhi-Ugur C)

54 kg
1. Amin Mammadzada ("Gizil elcek" SC)
2. Ruslan Gadirov (CSC)
3. Mirzaga Huseynli ("Cenub" SC)
3. Nihat Abdullayev ("Gizil elcek" SC)

57 kg
1. Shamil Askerov ("Neftchi" SC)
2. Umid Rustamov (MİA SC)
3. Kamil Babayev (METE)
3. Emil Guliyev (UGM-13)

60 kg
1. Magsud Khasmetov ("Neftchi" SC)
2. Elbrus Adigozelov ("Gabala" SC)
3. Aslan Guliyev (Z-1 SC)
3. Farid Sadigov ("Neftchi" SC)

63.5 kg
1. Tayfur Aliyev (CSC)
2. Malik Hasanov ("Neftchi" SC)
3. Heybatulla Hajialiyev (BFL)
3. Ruslan Rustamov (BFL)

67 kg
1. Nabi Iskandarov ("Neftchi" SC)
2. Javid Chalabiyev ("Gizil elcek" SC)
3. Ilgar Salahov (Gabala)
3. Parviz Guliyev (Aghjabedi)

71 kg
1. Sarkhan Aliyev (CSC)
2. Mirsharif Kazimzada ("Neftchi" SC)
3. Elnur Abdullazada ("Neftchi" SC)
3. Nijat Mammadov ("Gizil elcek" SC)

75 kg
1. Kamran Shahsuvarli ("Gabala" SC)
2. Rasim Chobanli (CSC)
3. Elnur Suleymanov ("Neftchi" SC)
3. Novruzali Guliyev (CSC)

80 kg
1. Fagan Mammadov (AzTU)
2. Sarkhan Budagov ("Gizil elcek" IC)
3. David Olaoye (Nakhchivan OR)
3. Jabbar Ismayilov (Sumgait)

86 kg
1. Seyid Seyidov ("Gizil elcek" SC)
2. Eldar Guliyev ("Neftchi" SC)
3. Vatan Huseynli (MİA SC)
3. Tural Useynov ("Neftchi" SC)

92 kg
1. Rauf Rahimov ("Neftchi" SC)
2. Tural Hasanov ("Gizil elcek" SC)
3. Rufat Nabiyev (MİA SC)
3. Mirkhayal Mammadov (Ganja)

+92 kg
1. Johanes Nuriyev (CSC)
2. Parviz Rasulov ("Zerbe" BC)
3. Ismail Yagubov ("Sabail" SC)
3. Isa Sulkhayev (Zagatala)