Women's 6th, men's 3rd attempt – ANALYSIS

17 May 2024 09:56
Women's 6th, men's 3rd attempt – ANALYSIS

The European Golden Volleyball League is starting.

Idman.biz reports that the Azerbaijani national teams will also start fighting today.

Both our men's and women's teams have completed their preparations for the matches of the first stage. Men will meet in Baku, women in Osijek. This is not the first tournament of our national teams in the European League.

Two Wins in Two Tournaments
Men's volleyball European League has been held since 2004. The debut of the Azerbaijani national team took place quite late - in 2014. Our national team was the last in their group, having lost 8 games. They shared the 9-10th place with Denmark in the overall ranking of the competition in which 10 teams participated. After 5 years, our national team, which returned to the tournament with a new format, played in the European Silver League. In its group, the national team, which won twice only against Georgia, lost 4 times. In the end, our team shared the 17th-18th place with Hungary among 20 teams, leaving behind only Bosnia and Herzegovina and Georgia. Our volleyball players, who played in 14 matches, have only 2 successes.

For the 21st Win
The Women's Europa League was launched later in 2009 . Azerbaijan competed in more than 5 tournaments. During this period, our women's volleyball players won 20 and lost the same number.
In their debut in 2014, just 5 wins in 12 group matches was enough for second place. They were 4th in the national final ranking. Two years later, there was no one to beat Azerbaijan. The volleyball players won the title with 10 victories, having played 6 games in the group and 2 games in each of the semi-final and final stages. In the following years, our team, which participated in the European League three more times, did not rise above the 5th place. A year after this result in 2018, the team, which was in 10th place, took 11th place in 2021.

It should be noted that this week our men's volleyball players will face Romania and Ukraine in Baku, and women will face Croatia and Slovakia in Osijek.

Vugar Kheyrullayev