"We are satisfied with the result we won in the World Championship"

31 August 2023 17:42
"We are satisfied with the result we won in the World Championship"

The General Secretary of the International Shooting Federation, Willie Grill, noted that the world championship was not organized at such a high level in any country before, and Azerbaijan showed the whole world how this competition should be held.

Idman.biz informs that EminJafarovexpressed these words in his statement to journalists about the World Championship held in Baku.

He said that shooting is an Olympic sport and the competitions here should be held as interestingly as other tournaments: "The competition was really organized at a very high level. We won three medals. This is our first gold medal in 22 years, considering that we were last world champions in shooting in 2001. It should also be noted that we have never won 3 medals at the world championships. We were content with 2 prizes at most. In addition, we were awarded 2 medals at the World Youth Championship held in Korea this year. The fact that we won 5 medals during the year is a great example of our team’s progress."

The General Secretary emphasized that Azerbaijan has many strong athletes and they achieved very good results: "We could have succeeded in other types of shooting. But it is clear that this is a psychological sport. Although not complete, we are satisfied with the result."

Agha Dadashzade