The player of "Qarabag" was selected as the best of the International Rugby Festival

29 October 2023 13:23
The player of "Qarabag" was selected as the best of the International Rugby Festival

The International Rugby Festival organized by "Rugby World Georgia" and the Georgian Rugby Union was held in the Lentekhi region of Georgia. informs that Azerbaijan was represented in the competition by the junior team of Shusha's "Qarabag" club.

The team won the first place in the group by defeating "Kashuri" 15:0, "Amaranti" 25:0 and "Kobuleti" 20:0 in the group stage.

The representative of Shusha, who won 15:0 against the "Lentekhi" team in the 1/4 final stage, lost 0:5 to "Rashebi" in the semi-finals, and in the match for the 3rd place, the "Fenix" team from the city of Samtredia won 5:10 with a golden point in the additional time.

In the end, "Qarabag" took the 4th place among 12 teams. Nuran Novruzlu, a member of the team, was awarded with the title of the best player of the festival.

The founder of the club, Eldar Karimov, said that there was no such result in the history of Azerbaijan rugby: "In the Georgian competitions, we won a maximum of 2 games and were able to take 10th place among 12 teams. This time's result shows that we are working in the right direction and our team will perform even better in the next competitions. Royal Suleymanov was appointed as the president of the club some time ago, and this result is also the result of the conditions he created for the team's preparation."

According to him, the team that lost in the other semi-final refused to play for the 3rd place and the organizers wanted to give the 3rd place to "Qarabag". However, the representative of Shusha acted honorly. Addressing both the "Feniks" team and the organizers, he insisted that the match should take place: "Even though we lost in that match, we represented Azerbaijan in a better way and won everyone's applause by once again preserving the spirit of rugby."

The Azerbaijani rugby players will return to Baku on October 30 at 00:10.