ANADA officials at T-DO - PHOTO

7 March 2024 15:41
ANADA officials at T-DO - PHOTO

On March 6-7, the 58th meeting of the Anti-Doping Convention Monitoring Group (T-DO) was held in Strasbourg, France. reports that Azerbaijan was represented at the meeting by the delegation led by Tahmina Taghi-zada, executive director of the Azerbaijan National Anti-Doping Agency (ANADA).

Various institutional, administrative, cooperation and monitoring issues related to anti-doping initiatives were discussed at the event held in plenary and closed sessions.
The main items of the agenda included approval of the report of the 57th meeting, updating the Secretariat on signatures and ratifications, adoption of the T-DO strategy and operational program for 2024-2027. Anti-doping measures regarding fitness centers and gyms, cooperation with foreign partners and the latest innovations in the participating states were also discussed in the discussions.

During the discussions on children's rights and anti-doping, the importance of supporting, educating, protecting children participating in the anti-doping process, conducting doping tests and providing a fair hearing was emphasized. In another session, the role of T-DO in updating the World Anti-Doping Program was discussed.
In general, the purpose of the meeting was to expand cooperation within the framework of the Anti-Doping Convention, solve problems and strengthen anti-doping efforts. The event ended with the discussion of the dates of the next meeting and other issues.