President of the Association: "Tiring and difficult, but pleasant" - INTERVIEW - PHOTO

11 January 2024 14:25
President of the Association: "Tiring and difficult, but pleasant" - INTERVIEW - PHOTO

The interview of Asif Sayadov, president of the Chinese Martial Arts Association, to

- How are things going in the Chinese Martial Arts Association? Any updates?

- From June 13, 2023, the Azerbaijan China Martial Arts Association was accredited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and received the status of a sports federation. In this Association, 3 types of sports operating in Azerbaijan - Wushu, Kung Fu and Wing Chun - are united. The main goal is to achieve close cooperation of these sports in Azerbaijan at the same time at a high level.

- You already control 3 sports. Isn't it difficult?

- I am the president of the Azerbaijan Wing Chun Federation since 2018. Of course, things are very difficult. Earlier we managed 1 federation, now there are three of them. Sending these species to international competitions, holding domestic competitions and holding events is tiring and difficult, but enjoyable.

- Can you participate in all the competitions after combining 3 combat types in one association?

- Frankly, the sports policy carried out by the Ministry of Youth and Sports showed that other non-functioning federations whose status was not recognized were out of order. And the support for those who are active increased. When it comes to participation in competitions, sometimes when the limit is exceeded, we take it to international tournaments at our own or sponsors' expense. Currently, there are institutions that support us. In addition, we also have a good relationship with the Chinese Embassy.

- Wushu is expected to be included in Olympic sports. How do you see the future of this sport? If included in the Olympic program, can it resume its activities as an independent federation in the future?

- Even though we are united in Azerbaijan under the name of Chinese Martial Arts Association, all 3 sports have official representation in international organizations. In 2026, Wushu was included in the program of the Summer Youth Olympic Games. There is a possibility that it will be an Olympic sport. Time will tell. Even if this happens, it will not affect the activity under the association.

- What are your future plans and goals?

- An international festival on Chinese martial arts will be held in Baku on April 26-27. The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Chinese Embassy will support us in this work. The regulations of the festival are being prepared. As this is our first competition, neighboring countries will be invited. Competitions will be held in all 3 types.

Emin Aga