Farid Gayibov: "Analyzing the results of the year and preparing for a more responsible Olympic year await us"

6 December 2023 11:05
Farid Gayibov: "Analyzing the results of the year and preparing for a more responsible Olympic year await us"

"Like the previous months, November was accompanied by the raising of the Azerbaijani flag and the singing of our national anthem many times in continental and world competitions."

Idman.biz reports that this was said by the Minister of Youth and Sports, Farid Gayibov, while evaluating the month of November.

He said in the "Minister's Point of View" that each of us is happy with the victories: "In France, our judokas Hidayat Heydarov and Zelym Kotsoiev qualified to the top of Europe, they sang our national anthem, followed by the gold medal of our national team for the first time in the history of the World Championship in trampoline gymnastics and tumbling in Great Britain. everyone was happy that team member Mikhail Malkin repeated this success in individual competitions as well. The World Championship of our 18-year-old chess player Ayan Allahverdiyeva in Italy and the silver medal of the European Chess Championship of the Azerbaijan women's chess team can be mentioned among the successes of the month. It is also a great success that the Azerbaijani national team reached the semi-finals of the mini-football world championship."

According to Gayibov, during the month, our athletes achieved many firsts and performed successfully, justifying the trust: "In November, our athletes returned home with 26 medals from the 2nd Turkic States Universiade held in Turkestan province of Kazakhstan. With the support of the Azerbaijan Judo Federation, the Training Center for National Teams was put into use after major repairs. The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev also got acquainted with the conditions created here. Let me note that the center, which will become the main training base for judo players, has created all conditions for productive activity. Azerbaijan became the venue of many international events. The National Equestrian Festival was organized in Baku on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev. The festival has an important role in promoting our national horses and equestrian sports games. Within the framework of the festival, the world championship in chess was also held at a high level. Another world wrestling championship was held among the military. As always, this time our athletes made us happy. In my opinion, both championships were held at a high level, and for that I thank everyone who had a role in the organization, especially the federations. Rizin fights, the Japanese version of MMA, were held outside this country for the first time, namely in Azerbaijan. International MMA Rizin tournament was organized at a high level in a great atmosphere at the National Gymnastics Arena, full of spectators. In addition to watching an interesting show, the audience watched the battles of Azerbaijani athletes with great enthusiasm."

In November, the Minister also touched on the joint organization of the "Goal U-15" II international football tournament dedicated to the memory of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev with AFFA: "The main goal of organizing the competition is to achieve more experience and development of our 15-year-old football players. Athletes from Kyrgyzstan won the first of the competitions we organized twice this year, and Belarusian athletes won the second. I hope that we will increase the number of such tournaments and our clubs will also win this competition. We held the seventh meeting of youth and sports ministers of the Organization of Turkic States in Basgal settlement of Ismayilli district. At the meeting, commitment to the joint Turkish youth and sports agenda was declared, and the importance of the work done in this direction was emphasized. A number of important decisions were taken at the meeting. The proposal to nominate Lankaran as a candidate for "2024 Youth Capital of the Turkish World" was also agreed upon. It is gratifying that the international badminton tournament of Turkic-speaking countries held in Shamakhi on the same eve as the seventh meeting of OTS youth and sports ministers went down in history as the first competition.

Gayibov congratulated the Azerbaijan Badminton Federation on being awarded the "Fair play" award for the second time: "Baku hosted another European Fair Games Movement Congress and the European Fair Games Movement awards ceremony. I congratulate the Azerbaijan Badminton Federation on being awarded the "Fair play" award for the second time. The third phase of the "Learn to swim" project, which we started at the beginning of the year, ended at the end of November. We plan to continue this project, which plays an important role in helping hundreds of schoolchildren learn to swim at the Olympic Sports Complex in 15 cities, next year. Speaking of regions, we opened another "Healthy neighborhood" sports zone in Aghstafa district. In the sports zone, which is the seventh largest in the country, good conditions have been created for the population, especially children and young people, to spend their free time effectively.

He said that the "Sports Festival" held last year in Sheki was organized this year in Guba: "For 13-15-year-old athletes representing various sports, entertaining and educational activities and master classes were organized for 5 days. As a guest of the festival, I talked with young athletes around the campfire and listened to their opinions. This time, athletes from Turkiye and Kenya also joined the festival. In addition, patriotic events, exemplary performances in various sports and a concert program organized in the city of Guba within the framework of the festival were watched with great interest by the residents. From next year, we are thinking of further expanding the festival's participant geography. Mass competitions also covered a fairly wide population. The number of participants joining the third "Victory Run" charity event held in order to once again demonstrate the solidarity of the Azerbaijani people is an indicator of the increasing interest in this traditional run every year. Also, a mass running race dedicated to the "Year of Heydar Aliyev" in Ismayilli with the slogan "Let's run together" and "Don't forget, Live!" organized among amateurs in Baku with the slogan "Go forward proudly". the mini-football tournament was accompanied by great interest. The 100 km ultramarathon race dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev and Azerbaijani athletics was organized for the first time in our country. By the way, on the jubilee days, we participated in the opening of the new office of the federation and the training base for throwing athletics in Amirjan settlement. This center has athletics sectors such as hammer throw, javelin throw, discus throw, shot put, long jump and running tracks. I believe that this base will contribute to the development of new athletes. I use this opportunity to congratulate all members of the athletics family on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Azerbaijani athletics."

The Minister also said that the mini-football tournament among state institutions dedicated to the memory of Prime Minister Heydar Aliyev has been started these days: "As in the first tournament, state institutions are showing great interest this time. I thank all 52 state institutions represented in the competition and wish each of them success. I attended the premiere of the sports film "When Stadiums Are Silent" dedicated to soccer veteran and coach Gurban Gurbanov at the Nizami Cinema Center. The film depicts the life, football career and coaching activities of Gurban Gurbanov from the 80s of the 20th century. I think that the film, which is currently showing in all cinemas, will be interesting not only for sports fans, but for everyone. I recommend everyone to watch their first feature film in the sports biographical genre. Our 11th meeting with representatives of federations for Olympic sports was in Sheki. According to tradition, we discussed sports achievements and future plans in the last two months."

Gayibov noted that another year full of victories is coming to an end: "In the coming days, we will analyze the results of 2023 and prepare for a more responsible Olympic year. I think that during the year there were enough successes both in the field of youth and sports. I would like to thank our youth, athletes, sports community, federations, and in general, everyone who cooperates with us. In order to achieve greater success, I call on everyone to remain #birkimibilikde."