Elvin Mammadov: "I made wrong actions and..." - INTERVIEW

23 June 2024 18:20
Elvin Mammadov: "I made wrong actions and..." - INTERVIEW

The interview of Elvin Mammadov, a former football player of the Azerbaijan national team to Idman.biz

- You were in the agenda by ending your career for the second time. What happened that the same opinion was voiced about you in Jabrayil, which qualified for the I League of Azerbaijan?

- Yes, I finished my professional career a long time ago, but I always play football. The main reason why I performed in Jabrayil was to help Javid Huseynov. He called me to help him. That's why I played in this team. In general, I have always thanked God for being a football player. The source of my pride was performing in the national team. I wish all our teenagers to experience this feeling.

- Looking back, do you consider that your career was successful?

- Successful and unsuccessful periods are equal in number. It could have been better. But it could not. I made the wrong actions and didn't make the right decision at the right time. I constantly scold myself for this. Although I had the chance to go to Europe, l did not go, but I had to take the risk. When I was 18-19 years old, there were options to perform in clubs of countries such as Hungary, Türkiye, and the Czech Republic. But I didn't value any of them. Maybe if there was a right guide, it wouldn't be like this now. It's true, I haven't had a bad career, but it was not too high. I generally don't like to talk positively about myself.

- What would you single out as the most memorable event in your football life?

- There were many memorable events.Generally, football is unforgettable. However, I will never forget the matches in the European Championship and our struggle against foreign clubs.

- You played in Turan Tovuz, Inter (it calles Shamakhi now), Qarabag, Baku, Zira, Gabala and Sumgayit. Which one is special for you?

- Inter and Qarabag have a special place for me, because I spent the best times of my youth in these two clubs.

- You work as a children's coach in Sabail. Then will we see you again in football?

- Yes, I coach Sabail's U-15 team. My main goal was to stay in this field. I am happy that I was able to fulfill my wish.

Banuchichak Huseynli