Dynamo said goodbye to Kurban Berdyev

23 June 2024 17:28
Dynamo said goodbye to Kurban Berdyev

Kurban Berdyev, who is expected to be appointed the head coach of Turan Tovuz, has left Dynamo.

As Idman.biz reports, the Makhachkala club issued a statement about this.

Berdyev, who holds the position of advisor of the president in the team, was thanked for his work: "Kurban Berdyev, we express our great thanks to you! You taught the players a lot in the first time in the history of Dynamo to qualify for the top league. Otherwise, it would be difficult to achieve great success. We wish you success in your new club." .

Some news spread that Berdyev signed a 2-1 contract with Turan Tovuz. The 71-year-old specialist is expected to be presented to the sports community in the coming days.