Ramin Musayev: "There is no need to spend money and bring a foreign coach"

11 June 2024 13:27
Ramin Musayev: "There is no need to spend money and bring a foreign coach"

"Kazakhstan is not a weak team."

Ramin Musayev, the former president of the Professional Football League, told Idman.biz.

He evaluated the Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan game to be held in Hungary today. According to Musayev, it will not be easy to face a familiar opponent from the beginning: "Today, our national team will appear under the leadership of temporary coach Arif Asadov. For a football player, it makes a big difference. Because the team plays more responsibly when there is a permanent head coach. Either way, the appointed coach is at least accountable. In addition to all this, now is the time for football players to rest. If the issue of the head coach was clarified, they would play with more enthusiasm. They should also show their strength. We have good players for today. You just need to use them well."

The former PFL head stressed that he is against bringing a foreigner to the post of head coach of the Azerbaijan national team: "The new president of AFFA, Rovshan Najaf, will make the right decision in this area. He is young and eager. As someone with 20 years of experience in this field, I can say that you need to stick to the local head coach. In my opinion, there is no one better than our own coaches. He knows very well what our local players have. However, he should also be given certain powers and conditions should not be imposed such as that you have to do something like that. In a word, it is not necessary to play those who are sitting in reserve abroad. If we look at practice, we will see what we have achieved with foreign head coaches. We have not received any benefits. That's why there is no need to spend money and bring in a foreign coach. If the local expert doesn't work, at least tomorrow when I'm out on the town, he'll avoid the fans who stop me and ask me questions. When a foreign coach loses, he says, "What could I do."

It should be noted that the match between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan will start at 18:00.

Banuchichek Huseynli