Samad Gurbanov: "Neftchi's situation is not encouraging, everyone is sad"

6 June 2024 14:57
Samad Gurbanov: "Neftchi's situation is not encouraging, everyone is sad"

“The current situation of Neftchi is not encouraging. Everyone is sad."

Samad Gurbanov, a member of AFFA Executive Committee, gave an interview to

He commented on the current situation of Neftchi, where he is a member of the Supervisory Board. Gurbanov said that he believes that the "whites and blacks" will be reunited soon: "Neftchi has always been the beloved of people. We have always seen them at higher levels. Not only me, but all the fans are sad. The players have been demotivated. I believe that action will be taken in the future. I also hope that Neftchi will come back.”

According to the member of the AFFA Executive Committee, this situation prevented Neftchi from regrouping, and for this reason the team ended the season at a level not worthy of its name: "They performed very poorly in the last game. He played to a draw with Sabah. But whoever fights for it always loses. Because you have to score at least one goal to get rid of the danger. They punished Neftchi 2 minutes before the end of the match. Move it or lose it! It's football and this rule always works."

It should be noted that in the 2023/2024 season, Neftchi finished fifth in the Azerbaijan Premier League with 56 points and was deprived of the right to play in the European Cup. After that, the head coach Miodrag Bojovic was dismissed, followed by the chief executive director Farrukh Mahmudov.

Banuchichek Huseynli