Red Devils trip to Germany - PRESENTATION

3 June 2024 17:37
Red Devils trip to Germany - PRESENTATION

This summer, the attention of all Europe will be focused on Germany. The 24 strongest national teams of the continent will compete in the 17th European Championship. There are 11 days left until the start of the competition, which will last from June 14 to July 14. continues the presentation of the participants of EURO-2024.

This week we will review the teams of Group E. The Belgian team, which is the favorite of the group, is among the candidates to succeed in the championship.

Azerbaijani team on the way to Germany
Red Devils won one of the earliest qualifications for EURO-2024. They, like France and Portugal, got a ticket to Germany on October 13, three rounds before the end of the qualifying round. The team of Domenico Tedesco, who played in the group that also included the Azerbaijan national team, finished the cycle undefeated in the 1st place. It is true that Belgium drew in their home matches against their main rivals Austria and Sweden. But the Man Utd did not know what the loss of points was. Tedesco's team ended the qualifying round, which began with a 1:0 victory in Baku, with a match against our national team. Belgium, which is fighting to become the first in the formal group, scored 5 unanswered goals for our team in its last official match before going to Germany. Romelu Lukaku scored four of them.

"Golden generation" dreaming of gold
Although some members of the "golden generation" of Belgian football have either finished their careers or played for the national team, there is still an abundance of stars. Romelu Lukaku's goals, Kevin de Bruyne's assists, and Thibaut Courtois' saves are elements that any team needs for success. Belgian fans are hoping for a big success in Germany as they have not lost hope of the title yet. Red Devils, who have participated in the final stages of the European championships 6 times, stopped in the 1/4 finals in the last two tournaments. The silver prize of EURO-1980 and the bronze prize of EURO-1972 are long gone. Belgium, with two semi-finals in the 14 World Cups it participated in, was satisfied with bronze in 2018 and fourth place in 1986.

Belgium national team matches in the group:
June 17. Belgium - Slovakia
June 22. Belgium - Ukraine
June 26. Ukraine – Belgium

It should be noted that group E meetings will be held in 5 different cities - Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich and Düsseldorf.

Vugar Kheyrullayev