Mahir won the title of Croatian champion

12 May 2024 15:34
Mahir won the title of Croatian champion

Mahir Emreli, a football player of the Azerbaijan national team, became the champion of Croatia. reports that he achieved this success in the team of Dinamo Zagreb.

In the 34th round, Mahir's team won the Croatian championship by defeating their closest follower Osiyek (1:0). Dinamo is 7 points ahead of the closest follower with 2 rounds remaining. Although the name of Emreli, who returned from injury, was included in the participation application, he did not appear.

Zagreb became the champion of Croatia for the 35th time in the history of the club.

It should be noted that Mahir played in 12 games in the Croatian championship in the 2023/2024 season. The Azerbaijani attacker scored 4 goals and made 3 assists in these matches.