Agaselim Mirjavadov: "Neftchi does not deserve to win a medal with their performance" - VIDEO

6 May 2024 17:09
Agaselim Mirjavadov: "Neftchi does not deserve to win a medal with their performance" - VIDEO

"I am from Neftchi. I was born there, grew up there, worked there. Their game hurts our hearts."

This was said by Agaselim Mirjavadov, a member of the AFFA Coaches Committee who was a guest of Idman Bizde.

The former Neftchi head coach evaluated the current situation of the white-blacks. He said that one of the main problems in the team is the frequent change of the head coach: "We talk a lot about this with former players, and even the members of the Coaching Committee talked about it today. There is no coach change every 3, or 6 months. The choice of head coach is a very important factor. At least 2-3 years should be given. A coach should be chosen so that he can create a family. The team is a family. His eldest is the head coach. The eldest of the operators is the club president. The relationship between the leader and the head coach should be close. The head coach should do everything related to football in the club. In our country before, the football player played according to the coach. But the current Neftchi does not have this. They don't put their heart into the games, they don't want to. When I watch their matches, I wonder if they played neighborhood football. Although there is no age compatibility in the neighborhood, there is a desire. After Adil Shukurov came to Kapaz, they played willingly. I don't see him in Neftchi".

According to Mirjavadov, it is sad that Neftchi could not get points from Qarabag: "8 clubs got points from Qarabag. Only Neftchi did not succeed. They played 6 games, 2 of which were in the cup against Aghdam. This is a shame. It's not about the result. It's about the essence of the game, the players' wishes, the team's situation. It is an extremely strange situation. Neftchi does not deserve to win a medal with his game. The management should do a great job."

It should be noted that Neftchi is 5th in the Azerbaijan Premier League with 50 points after 33 rounds.

Emin Aga