Rush Hour in Premier League - ANALYSIS

1 May 2024 17:58
Rush Hour in Premier League - ANALYSIS

There are only 4 rounds left until the end of the Azerbaijan Premier League. reports that Qarabag, which is ahead of other teams, finished the championship fight a long time ago, but there is a merciless fight for silver and bronze awards.

Rush Hour in Premier League
Below the champions, the top of the Premier League is incredibly tight. This can only be compared with the congestion in public transport during rush hours. Four clubs of Azerbaijan are experiencing the situation faced by people rushing to work on the subway or bus. They are both in a hurry, one to get a prize and one to go Europe. The fact that Sumgayit and Neftchi have 50 points, Zira and Sabah have 49 points indicates that 4 teams have decided with a difference of one point. Such density can be found only at the beginning of championships after 1-2 or 3-4 rounds. On the eve of the finish, the teams in the 4 consecutive places in the tournament table are only 1 point away from each other, which is a rare event not only for Azerbaijan, but also for world football.

Sumgayit Waiting for Underdogs
If we look at the upcoming matches of Sumgayit, which is currently in the second place, Samir Abasov's students can be considered quite lucky. Sumgayit will meet the teams from the last two levels in two of the four matches. As well as the matches against Gabala, which is officially the last, and Kapaz, which keeps its place in the elite, the Sabail test also gives hope to Sumgayit residents. Baku club's hope for the European Cup is melting like a candle and may end before the trip to Sumgait. Moreover, Abasov's team, which defeated Qarabag at home, will host Sabail. The only difficult duel will be a life-and-death battle with Sabah.
XXXIII. Kapaz - Sumgait
XXXIV. Sumgait - Sabail
XXXV. Sabah - Sumgait
XXXVI. Sumgait - Gabala

From Champion to Vice-Champion
Neftchi took the third place, but the calendar of the last matches does not promise anything good. An away duel with both old and new champions Qarabag can take the black-whites a few steps back. Moreover, the four-game finish, which starts with the champions, will be completed with a meeting with the last runner-up. Sabah is not considered an easy opponent for Neftchi recently. It is true that in the middle of these two difficult tests, Miodrag Bojović's team will have a home match with Kapaz and an away match with Sabail. But the profit in these meetings, where 6 points are visible, may not be enough not only for silver, but also for bronze.
XXXIII. Qarabag - Neftchi
XXXIV. Neftchi - Kapaz
XXXV. Sabail - Neftchi
XXXVI. Neftchi - Sabah

Roads in close-up and rivals in long-shot
Since Zira does not have a game with Sumgayit and Neftchi in front of it, it must wait for them to stumble in order to take a place in the three. Of course, Rashad Sadygov's team must score as many points as possible. But one of the competitors is the champion Qarabag. Although it does not seem realistic that the Aghdam club will lose to the representative of the settlement for the second time in the season, the people of Baku have no other choice. Zira's eponymous representative, who will conclude the season with a home match against Sabail, will have two Western trips. Although Turan Tovuz and Kapaz are opponents that can be defeated, the trips can affect the overall finish of the team.
XXXIII. Turan Tovuz - Zira
XXXIV. Zira - Qarabag
XXXV. Kapaz - Zira
XXXVI. Zira - Sabail

Dreaming of great finish
The finish will be completely different for Sabah. Baku residents will face Araz-Nakhchivan and Gabala first, and the loss of points by Krunoslav Randulic's team may cost them dearly. The last two rounds will be at the European price for Sabah. Successive duels with two of the rivals in the prize and EuroCup competition will clarify all questions.
XXXIII. Araz-Nakhchivan - Sabah
XXXIV. Gabala - Sabah
XXXV. Sabah - Sumgayit
XXXVI. Neftchi - Sabah

Miracle Hunters
Two more teams keep their chances of being among the prize-winners and playing in the European Cups. It is not considered realistic that Turan Tovuz and Sabail will overcome the big difference with 42 points each. The fact that they are 8 points behind the 2nd-3rd places and 7 points behind the 4th-5th places gives reason to think so. It would be possible to close the gap with a team with 4 rounds to the finish line. But at the same time, it is not worth hoping for consecutive points losses of 3-4 opponents.
It should be noted that the season will end on May 26.

Vugar Kheyrullayev