Mahmud Gurbanov: "These tasks do not depend on us" - VIDEO

20 April 2024 14:10
Mahmud Gurbanov: "These tasks do not depend on us" - VIDEO

"We don't have plans. We cannot plan to work somewhere."

This was said by Mahmud Gurbanov, a veteran football player and former player of the Azerbaijan national team, who was a guest of the Idman Bizde program.

The 50-year-old specialist, who is currently unemployed, said that the uncertainty about his career continues: "It is not up to us to hold an important position in AFFA or some club, to work as a head coach. We have football fans. We are just soldiers. We will work wherever there is a need."

According to Gurbanov, the small number of clubs in the championship is one of the main reasons why some specialists are unemployed: "It's our working time. Half of our life has been spent on football. It will be difficult to work in another field. It remains to work abroad, if they cannot do it in clubs in Azerbaijan, you have to leave abroad. As a football player, I have never had a manager. A manager is a person who has left a mark somewhere. They will advertise it somewhere. We don't have anything like that. The results are not enough to go abroad."

It should be noted that Mahmud Gurbanov was the head coach of Kapaz and Neftchi U-19, the second team of White and Blacks and Sabail. At the same time, he worked as an assistant coach in the Azerbaijan national team.

Emin Aga