"Ganja" volleyball player: "I have personal goals for my development this season" - INTERVIEW

12 October 2023 16:19
"Ganja" volleyball player: "I have personal goals for my development this season" - INTERVIEW

Yuliya Tyusheva, "Ganja" volleyball player gave an interview to Idman.biz website. The Russian, who was transferred from the "Voronezh" club, talked about her career and her goals in the Azerbaijani club.

- You will protect the honor of the debutante. When and how did you start playing volleyball?

- I have been playing volleyball since I was 11 years old. This sport is very familiar to parents. My father is a judge, and my mother used to be a professional volleyball player. So it was more their decision. I was sent to Cherepovets, one of the best volleyball schools in Russia, where I gradually fell in love with volleyball, and now I am grateful to my parents, who once solved this problem for me.

- Volleyball for me... You go on.

- My favorite work and feelings that cannot be expressed in words.

- You already have some experience. What have been the most important moments in your career - both low and high?

- I believe that all moments bring some kind of positive experience, even the bad ones. But perhaps the most memorable is the experience of training and playing in the Russian Super League.

- What do you like in Azerbaijan?

- I have just arrived in Azerbaijan. But overall the impressions are good. I like the architecture in the center of Ganja.

- Why did you choose Azerbaijan, "Ganja"?

- I used to compete only in Russia, I wanted to try myself in another country's championship. After all, this is my first speaking experience abroad, so I was interested in the offer.

- What can you say about the development of volleyball in our country?

- To be honest, I didn't watch the Azerbaijan Championship before. But the emergence of a new team here, I think, indicates the development of volleyball in the country.

- What are your goals in 1 year with "Ganja" and in life?

- Of course, I want to achieve the maximum result with the team. I also have personal goals for my development this season.

Shabnam Rahimova