“The race was organized at a high level”

28 August 2023 20:34
“The race was organized at a high level”

"There are no complaints, no problems."

According to İdman.biz, this was said by the Norwegian athlete Katrin Lunda, who won the gold medal in the women’s 300-meter rifle shooting in three positions at the world championship held in Baku.

Satisfied with the organization of the competition, the 29-year-old shooter said that the Baku wind added fun to the World Cup: "The race was organized at a high level. Everything is perfect. The only problem we have here is the wind. But it also adds color and fun to the competition. We loved the warm weather of Baku. I didn’t have time to walk around the city this time. But I was able to find an opportunity to go to the beach. This is not my first visit to Baku. I have visited the city a lot in my previous visits."

K. Lunda said that shooting at a distance of 300 meters is difficult: "We have been preparing for this competition since last year. There are 3 positions in this category. Each time we change our position and shoot at the target. This makes the fight both interesting and difficult. In Norway, 200-300 meter shooting is more popular. Thousands of people are engaged in this type. That’s why I chose shooting at 300 meters. This also applies to other European countries. Our ranges are preferred for shooting at such a distance. This is the main reason why shooters are successful in this type.

It should be noted that Katrin Lunda took the first place by scoring 581 points.