Tofig Musayev: "After that I want to continue in Bellator"

5 November 2023 00:05
Tofig Musayev: "After that I want to continue in Bellator"

"This competition will help increase the interest of young people in this sport. In the future, I wish that our country organizes the tournaments of organizations such as Bellator and UFC. reports that Tofig Musayev (71 kg), the MMA fighter of Azerbaijan who won the "Landmark 7" Tournament in Baku, said this later.

The athlete, who defeated Koji Takeda from Japan, thanked his opponent for a worthy fight: "The Japanese public has always been dear to me. I became famous there. I am also grateful to my opponent for accepting my fight offer."

He also announced his future plans: "After that, I want to continue in Bellator." I have a contract with them. I believe that I will properly wave the flag of Azerbaijan there as well."

Musayev commented on Vugar Karamov's defeat to Chihiro Suzuki (Japan) in the belt fight: "I am disappointed because Vugar, who is close to me, lost. Today was not his day. I call it bad luck. He had taken full advantage. A certain mistake decided the destiny of the battle. Vugar is a champion for me. I am not just saying this, with our support he will return that belt to Azerbaijan. I promise you this as a friend."

It should be noted that Tofig defeated his strong opponent with a knockout in the 3rd round.

Emin Aga