Mass brawl broke out at the MMA - Armenian athlete was beaten - VIDEO

20 April 2024 12:21
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Mass brawl broke out at the MMA - Armenian athlete was beaten - VIDEO

A massive brawl broke out at the Hardcore MMA tournament in Moscow. reports that Armenian fighter Arkadiy Osipyan was beaten by a group of people.

Iranian athlete Ali Heybati kicked the girl in the ring. The promotion said that a group of unknown persons entered the sports facility and an investigation was started.

The Iranian athlete will be fined and expelled from the competition. The same punishment awaits other participants of the mass fight.

The match between Arkadiy and Ali was the main fight of the night. After the meeting, a mass fight started in the hall. Hardcore, which shared photos and videos of what happened, said that it will disqualify all participants of the fight.

A group of unknown people evading the guards beat several people, including athletes. Security guards are also among the victims.

Nabi Nabiyev, who was accused of organizing the fight and kicked the Armenian who fell to the ground, was expelled from the competition. Heybati explained the reason for kicking the girl in the ring because he was dissatisfied with her outfit and apologized. All royalties to be paid to him will be given to the victim girl. The athlete will be disqualified for life.