"Grand Slam": Kotsoyev won bronze

3 December 2023 15:43
"Grand Slam": Kotsoyev won bronze

The "Grand Slam" Judo Tournament will be concluded today in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Idman.biz reports that on the second day of the competition, 7 judokas of the Azerbaijan national team joined the fight.

Among them, Zelim Kotsoyev qualified to the victory podium . Thus, the Azerbaijani team finished the competition with 1 gold and 2 bronze medals.

"Grand Slam"
December 3
60 kg

Balabay Aghayev, who was released from the first round, wrestled with Ariel Shulman (Israel) in the 1/16 finals. After him, Tsogt-Ochir Byambajav (Mongolia) was eliminated from the competition. However, he lost to Japan's Taiki Nakamura in the 1/4 finals.

Aghayev tried fought with Andrea Carlino (Italy) in the consolation match and won. Balabay lost to Ayub Bliyev (AIN) and took the 5th place in the bronze medal fight.

Although Nizami Imranov had matches with Younes Saddiki (Marrakech) and Ariunbold Enkhtaivan (Mongolia), he lost to Won Jin Kim (South Korea) in the 1/8 finals.

66 kg
Yashar Najafov lost to Turkmenistan's Hekim Agamammedov at the start.

Kamran Suleymanov lost to Tajikistan's Nurali Emomali.

100 kg
Zelim Kotsoyev defeated Nathaniel Kive (USA) and Leonardo Gonsalves (Brazil) and advanced to the 1/4 finals. He could not continue the successful streak. Kotsoyev lost to Matvey Kanikovsky (AIN) on the way to the semi-finals.

Kotsoyev, who knocked out Shadi Elnahas (Canada) in the consolation match, fought with Italian Gennaro Pirelli in the bronze medal match. The Azerbaijani judoka won and climbed to the 3rd step of the podium.

+ 100 kg
Ushangi Kokauri said goodbye to the competition in the 1/8 finals. Although he won against Galimjan Krykbay (Kazakhstan), he failed against Tamerlan Bashayev (MAIN).

Ramazan Ahmadov lost to Evgeni Balevsky (Ukraine) in his first match.

It should be noted that Hidayat Heydarov (73 kg) won the competition on the first day of the competition. Zelim Tckaev (81 kg) won a bronze medal.